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Small acreage field mowing for rural properties, road right of way, parks, paddocks, large yards and pastures. Keep your property looking great with a twice annual field mowing. 


Field mowing services are available for commercial properties not suitable for landscaping companies.

Field Mowing & Land Maintenance Near Me

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Field Mowing & Maintenance

Keeping your fields in good condition requires they be cut 2 to 4 times per year depending on the intended use. Fields cut regularly produce better grass with less weeds and stalky plants. 

Thickness – Up to 2″


Bush Hogging the Tough Stuff

Bush hogging refers to cutting thicker, tougher and nastier material. Bush hogging is more expensive but can often be avoided with routine field mowing. Regular maintenance prevents saplings from growing to a size that requires a tractor and bush hog to get the job done.

Thickness – Up to 4″ (cut but not mulched)

With our 12′ RhinoAg 4125 field mower and bush hog, we can efficiently cut larger parcel with saplings to big for standard bush hogs.  With the smaller Baumalight CP572, we can also cut 4″ saplings on small projects in tighter conditions.

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Field Mowing Near Me -Bush Hogging Services
Field Mowing Near Me -Property Maintenance

Property Maintenance

Owning acreage means maintenance is required. Keeping up with the property can be overwhelming without the right equipment, time or youthfulness. We can help you with one-off projects, but it is better to keep on top of routine maintenance to avoid large projects and bills. 

Right of Way Maintenance

Keeping roads and common areas looking good for community members or the public shows good will and contributes to local property values. It also helps reduce illegal dumping when people are easily seen unloading trailers and trucks of debris you then have to pay to have removed.

Bush Hogging Near Me Tampa
Field Mowing Near Me -Field and Trail Maintenance

Road & Trail Maintenance

Mother nature wants her land back and she will not stop until she gets it. Trimming fields and trails back with a vertical cutter keeps travel safe, maintains productive land and improves wildfire resistance. If you are farming for a living, 6′ of intrusion into your fields and results in thousands of dollars lost because you cannot plant those areas any longer. More images

Thickness – Up to 3″


Paddock Mowing

Paddock mowing is a fancy name for field mowing. Paddocks are used for horses where the quality of the grass is important. Regular paddock mowing will keep your horses healthy and happy. Paddock mowing 3 times per year will achieve the best results. 

Field Mowing Near Me -Paddock Mowing
Field Mowing Near Me -road building and maintenance

Road Building & Road Installation

Bush hogging refers to cutting thicker, tougher and nastier material. Bush hogging is more expensive but can often be avoided with routine field mowing. Regular maintenance prevents saplings from growing to a size that requires a tractor and bush hog to get the job done.

Debris Removal

If you have a pile of debris or dirt you need moved with a tractor or skid steer, you found your team. We work with organic debris to get it out of the way, in a location it can return to the soil. We don’t believe in taking vegetation to the landfill when it can feed the cycle of life on your property.

Field Mowing Near Me -debris removal
Field Mowing Near Me -land clearing

Land Clearing

Land clearing is often preparing a property for construction. Land clearing can be aggressive which means pulling stumps and roots or it can entail a forestry mulcher grinding vegetation to grade. Grading, shaping and selective tree removal is often part of land clearing. We work on small land clearing projects for homesteads and farms. 


An excavator can do so many things in a short period of time. Make a list of everything you have ever wanted dug, removed, or shaped and we will get it handled for you. 

  • Pond shaping or deepening
  • Stump removal
  • Ditch maintenance
  • Rock removal
  • Land clearing



Field Mowing Near Me - excavating
Field Mowing Near Me - mowing


We maintain and operate one of the largest zero turn mowers available. It was quite an investment but this Cub Cadet Pro Z 972 cuts the thickest of grass. If we can drive through it, we can cut it. With a 35 HP Kawasaki engine, 3 cutting blades, and large fuel capacity, we can often mow fields landscaping companies would not even attempt. 

Farm Maintenance

Every now and then someone just needs a hand with a small chore like installing a gate, cutting down a tree, or moving a down tree. Let us know if you need a hand and we will see if we can help out. 

  • Gate installation
  • Fence mending
  • Rock moving


Farm Gate Installation

About “Field Mowing Near Me”

There are a wide variety of homestead projects that require a variety of equipment, skills and experience. We have a variety of machines to perform most functions and will rent equipment for specific jobs. Our goal is to complete your project like we would if doing it for ourselves. Not every job is the right job and if we do not feel we can deliver, we will work with partners in the area to help you reach your goals. is a subsidiary of


Cub Cade Pro Z 972 Field Mower
Field Mowing Services and Bush Hogging

Service Areas

Not all services are available in all areas. 

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Chiefland, Cedar Key, Bronson, Williston, Ocala, Dunnellon, Crystal River, Otter Creek, Old Town, Morriston

Levy County, Hernando County, Citrus County, Marion County, Sumter County


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Tampa, Lakeland, Plant City, Brandon, Lutz, Dade City, Zephyrhills, Brooksville.

Polk County, Pasco County, Hillsborough County

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